Well, I'm spending all summer as an archaeologist and couldn't be happier. I'll keep this updated with my finds, photos, and anything else I'm doing. Welcome!

Sunday, May 09, 2004

Music, etc.

My babies

I really can't wait to play them again!

From Left to Right: My Hopf (if it is real, it's atleast 200 years old), My Yamaha Silent Violin (It's electric-boodywoogywoogy), Blondie (about 100 years old and completely redone), and my F5 mandolin.

Little known fact- Anyone that can play the violin can play the mandolin because they have the same strings and fingerings. Just played differently.

Blondie is a Strad copy. It is one of the best sounding violin I have ever heard, though I'm partial. Since it has been completely redone- it used to be a traditional red/brown color- it has little value outside of it's sound. I traded an old guitar for it and couldn't be happier.
Joe philosophizes

I've been taking a class in the heritage of Asia, which is basically a really quick history of all the major civilizations in Asia's past. It is completely different from any other class I have taken (in topic, not form) and has really gotten me to think a lot about religion. I grew up a Roman Catholic and attended a Jesuit high school. I was fairly religious before entering high school, but the constant barrage of religious dogma and indepth look at the teachings and preachings of the Catholic faith (and I am deliberately not stating the teachings of the Bible as I feel they are two separate thing) have almost destroyed my faith.

I have become a very scientific person over the past five or six years and I have realized that I can not believe in something that I see no physical evidence for, even if many say they can see god in everything. I can't. I would become the most religious person in the world if only I could see hard evidence for the existence of God, no matter which one(s)/ who he/she may be.

Since I no longer associate myself as a Catholic or a Christian, I have in a way left that group of people. In the course of my heritage of Asia class, I have been exposed to many religions of Asia and I find myself really interested in certain ones (Jainism, Buddhism, and Shintoism), but I have noticed that I am interested in them because they seem to fit my outlook in life. I find myself desiring to be part of some community of people. I think that is why I am so enthusiastic in archaeology, because I can relate to other people and put my full efforts and excitement into something I feel strongly about. I guess I am looking for a religion in which I can do just that. But should I be looking for a religion that fits my outlook? What if there are parts that do not, then what do I do? Why do I feel that I need to be part of a group?

I have found myself trying to associate aspects of the world around me as gods so that I can claim I have my own religion. This seems really irrational but I think it goes back to my desire to have a religion. I view the Earth as a whole as a type of mother goddess, the moon as a father goddess, and the elements as a form of spirit. I don't think this can really be considered a religion, nor do I really view them as gods except for the fact that I see them as being something greater then me. They also are so mysterious and awe inspiring that I feel that they represent to me what a true god should be. I don't know. I was thinking over all of this on my way back from studying. I guess I need to think it over a bit more before I fully understand it myself. I'm interested in your comments/opinions on this also!

First original composition

Well, I finished my first original musical piece for a H2H with Dragon60 on worth but the site admins have decided music contest take up too much bandwidth and do not allow them anymore. I completely understand the reasoning and hope they include music in the future! Anyway, I'm posting the link to the midi (3k in size) if anyone is interested in listening to it. It's about a minute and a half long.

"Waltz" in D minor

I've been writing out a bunch of pieces by Eileen Ivers so I can learn them for this summer. They are really original and exciting pieces and can't wait to get home and try them. I'm really kicking myself for not bringing my fiddle to school!

OK, enough for this post. I have to post a philosophical something so I better start a new message:P
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I have to sleep now. It should look better tomorrow.

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A curious encounter with Cthulhu

The monkey had it coming

/bored with two stuffed animals and some ducktape. Sorry Spyro for violating your monkey

Links added

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I'm trying to pack all my stuff so I can leave asap on Monday. Why is that when you pack, your room/house becomes a mess? I have more then half my stuff inside boxes or bags yet my room looks like a bomb just went off! Anyway, I'm lonely. My roommate got to go home a week ago and everyone else has been slowly leaving. It really sucks to have a final on the last possible day of finals. Ok, maybe I'll go to bed now. Or something.

First post

Hey everyone, this is my first post:)

Well, I've got two days left until summer break. Still have one more test on Monday and I haven't started studying, nor do I want to. Oh well, it should be raining so that will probably help force me to do work.

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